What Concerns Do Primary Care Doctors Treat?

Aug 03, 2023

What Concerns Do Primary Care Doctors Treat?

You only have one body in this lifetime. That’s why it’s important to put your health first, including eating healthy, exercising, and undergoing an annual physical. Here we discuss what concerns primary care doctors treat and why they’re important.

You only have one body in this lifetime. That’s why you must give it the best care you can. This starts with eating a healthy diet and getting exercise, but it doesn’t stop there.

You might think you only have to go to the doctor when you’re sick or suspect something’s wrong. However, preventative care is the best practice to avoid disease and injury. That’s why regular checkups and visits to your primary care doctor keep your health front and center.

Copperfield Family Clinic provides primary care to help you and your family stay healthy. Here we discuss what health concerns primary doctors treat and why they’re important.

A primary care provider you can trust

Every time you’re experiencing an injury or health problem, you might be quick to Google search your symptoms. But this can cause more harm than good, as online information often jumps to extreme conclusions, creating unnecessary anxiety. Diagnoses are incredibly complex and require a medical professional — like Regina Ottan-Obi, FNP, DNP.

Whether you’re facing a health hurdle or undergoing a routine physical, Dr. Ottan-Obi is known for her conscientious nature and strong communication. Not only does she address the purpose of your visit, but she also provides helpful tips on how you can live a healthier life. 

Dr. Ottan-Obi treats the following health concerns:

Urgent medical issues

Persistent cough. Fever. Chills. One of the most common times people come into our office is when they’re sick. Dr. Ottan-Obi can diagnose your sickness and prescribe any medication if needed. 

Other urgent medical issues include rashes, sudden pain, and allergies. No need to wait for the chance they might get better, just schedule a visit with us so you can feel better.

Chronic disease

No one wants to have a chronic disease, but unfortunately, it's a diagnosis many face. Heart disease, depression, and lung cancer are some of the most common types of chronic disease.

While the first line of care for a disease is performed by a specialist, Dr. Ottan-Obi keeps a strong relationship with them and helps aid patients through disease management. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with a disease, primary care physicians help you adopt a lifestyle that can prevent them. 

Digestive Issues

More than a third of adults may experience acid reflux once a week. Digestive issues like acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can often be managed here at Copperfield Clinic without the need for seeing a specialist. Dr. Ottan-Obi can help you control symptoms and offer lifestyle changes to help you feel better than ever.


About 51.6 million people deal with chronic pain. Untreated pain can lead to a spiral of problems, including decreased well-being and depression. Dr. Ottan-Obi can help offer treatments to manage your pain whether it's caused by injury, osteoarthritis, diabetes, or another health concern.

Annual physical

No matter what age you are, physical exams are vital to your ongoing health. Undergoing an annual physical can help your doctor better assess your health patterns and diagnose health issues in their earliest, most treatable state.

Routine screenings and tests

Routine screenings are important no matter what kind of lifestyle you live. Dr. Ottan-Obi can help suggest the type of screenings and tests depending on your age and family history. These may include a skin check, mammogram, colonoscopy, and/or pap smear. 

How often should I see my primary care doctor?

You live a busy life, and finding the time to go to the doctor can sometimes be hard. It’s important to make time for your health and undergo a routine physical at least once a year. 

Insurance companies generally cover 100% of these visits. 

The National Library of Medicine reports that patients who have a dedicated primary care physician have fewer visits to the hospital and spend less money on medical costs. They also face a better level of management for chronic conditions. 

Are you due for an annual checkup or do you have another health concern? Stop waiting and schedule your appointment today. Call 281-789-6477 to schedule your appointment or book online.